On the run

I started training for the Austin half marathon this week. I ran on Monday and Thursday because I was busy interviewing on Tuesday and Wednesday. I ran about two miles outside without stopping or walking. I realized that I enjoy running outdoors a lot more than running on a treadmill. I was surprised that my pace was under 10 minutes. I’m hoping to run the race at a 9 to 10 minute pace which will be about two and a half hours of running. The second time I ran my time was around 11 minutes. I think the difference was my pants. I just did not feel comfortable running and clearly that slowed me down. Also I had to hold my phone as I ran instead of placing it in my pocket like I did the first time. Anyways, overall I am pretty satisfied with my progress and there is definitely room for improvement.

Here’s a screen shot from my starva. I really like this program because its user friendly. I also like that when using it on a computer I was able to map out my runs before I run them. It’s useful in telling me how far I need to go. That way i don’t have to check my phone constantly as I run and I can just focus.


I am not really happy with my body right now. About two years ago, I was in much better shape, and I would love to get back to that. I am not going to weigh myself mainly because I truly don’t care about the number and it usually just depresses/upsets me. What matters to me is looking good in my clothes and being healthy. The number really is just a number. We all look different at different weights. For instance, if I ever weighed 120 lbs I would probably look anorexic. Here’s my Pre-run selfie.


The red top and running capris are both from nike. I went outlet shopping and got a pretty good deal for both. The shirt is incredibly comfortable. It’s already my favorite running top.


Thats an old picture from a few years back. I really want to look like that again which means I have to put In the work both in the gym and the kitchen.

I’ll be posting my meals next time with recipes so keep reading.


2 thoughts on “On the run

  1. Hey, nice blog. I also have gone through grad school and juggling fitness/health with long hours reading and sitting down – more power to you! I used Hal’s training plan for my last half, and I liked it. He does a good job breaking down each type of run for you. Looking forward to reading more!

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